Bug's World • Limited complete Colection (12 units)

Sonny Angel Spain & Portugal


Nueva Serie Limitada: Bug's World.

"As the colors of flowers and grasses change, we feel the arrival of spring. This new collection of Sonny Angel mini figures expresses the spring awakening of the beautiful world of nature. Return to childhood memories of being fascinated by insects to experience the senses of blessing, renewal and healing that come from nature. Won’t you take a peek into the fantastic world of bugs created by Sonny Angel?"

A la venta a partir del 28 de Abril

*Nota: fechas de lanzamiento y especificación del producto pueden variar, posponerse o cancelarse debido a diversas circunstancias.

6 figuras diferentes + 2 Secret figures. The secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assort box

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