Robby Angel Collector's Trophy Violet

Sonny Angel Spain & Portugal

A new Robby Angel has appeared in the very popular collector's trophy as a collector's item.

Robby Angel is a good friend of Sonny Angel. He can change his body color at any time, like a chameleon and he likes to dress up. Robby often imitates the style of the Sonny Angel in the series in which he is found.

The profound trophy is very attractive at the interior of the room. It's also nice to display alongside the Sonny Angel Collector's Trophy.

One item only for you: stamped serial number!

The serial number is engraved on the gold plate on the base. A card with a serial number is also included.

It will be delivered with a cylindrical acrylic display case to decorate, also helpful to prevent from dust. You can set the display case yourself. Please handle with care since it is heavy.

Delivery: October 2021

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