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From the launch and immediate sell-out of the first MASTER COLLECTION in November 2019, Sonny Angel fans fell in love with these detailed, oversized figures. In this second of the series, the Sonny Angel Rabbit, is holding a four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck.

Sonny Angel picked this four-leaf clover just for you. This adorable figure is sure to bring you happiness and may even bring you good luck!
“MASTER COLLECTION” figures are made of poly-stone and have a luxurious feel. The life-like sculpting and the meticulous artistry of the hand painting result in a figure of obvious value.
It is so sweet that Sonny Angel conceals the four-leaf clover behind his back as a surprise for you. * The clover is a separate part.

Sonny Angel’s warmth is demonstrated by his cherub-like smile and the innocent pose of his chubby arms and legs. The headgear and angel wings, recognizable to all Sonny Angel fans, are fashioned in magnificent detail.
The enclosed message card is clover-shaped continuing the theme of happiness and good luck. If purchasing this MASTER COLLECTION Angel as a gift, you can personalize the message card.

When you are happy or when you are sad, Sonny Angel will always be there for you and will watch over you.
We hope this MASTER COLLECTION Sonny Angel will bring you peace and happiness.

“MASTER COLLECTION”, a new lineup from “Sonny Angel” who has been delivering healing to you based on the concept of “He may bring you happiness”!
The modeling gives a sense of life which has been made by a skilled teacher and the painting gives the depth to the handmade feeling also adds new charm to Sonny Angel.
In this first series, the most popular rabbit will bring healing and happiness to all around the world.

A special dish that brings happiness to loved ones.

“MASTER COLLECTION” is made of poly stone and has a special feeling.
There is an angel wing on the back, which is also a characteristic of Sonny Angel. It looks like a real soft wing.

The gentle expression seems to watch over you at any time. It gives a warm atmosphere that will heal you in a moment.
And it is also a great Sonny Angel gift for yourself and loved ones.

Product weight:Approx.464g
◆ Product material:Pollystone
◆ Product size:Approx. W77×H263×D129/mm
◆ Package size:Approx. W116×H263×D129/mm

Delivery SEPTEMBER 2021

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